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  presented at the XXXVIII-th International Apicultural Congress of APIMONDIA in
Ljubljana, Slovenia


  The 46th APIMONDIA International Apicultural Congress,
Montreal, Canada,
September 8-12, 2019


6th International Mugla Beekeeping and Pine Honey Congress,
15-19 October 2018,
Oludeniz, Mugla, Turkey

Moscow, RUSSIA,
9-13 September 2018.
Union of beekeepers and beekeeping organizations of the country "BEEKEEPING"

Targul National al Mierii, Editia a 18-a,
16-18 Martie 2018,
Bucuresti, Platforma Apicola Baneasa,
B-dul Ficusului Nr. 42

Targuri Apicole 2018

2nd International Marmaris Apitherapy & Apicultural Products Symposium,
14-15 October 2017, Marmaris, Turkey

Al X-lea CONGRES NATIONAL DE APITERAPIE, cu participare internationala,
6-10 octombrie 2017, Sibiu, Romania

Targul Mierii Campina,
24-26 februarie 2017

XXI Apislavia Congress,
15-18 September 2016, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Al VIII-lea Congres de Apiterapie, Expo si Atelier practic cu participare internationala,
IASI, 30 octombrie -
02 noiembrie 2015

Targul de Miere,
1-2 octombrie 2011, Bucuresti

Targul de Miere,
12-13 martie 2011, Bucuresti

Targul de Miere, Bucuresti, 28-30 august 2009

Primul Simpozion National de Apiterapie si Apipunctura,
Bucuresti, 12 iunie 2009

Targ de contractari pentru Apicultura
Bucuresti, 3 aprilie 2009

Hazards of Pesticides to Bees
10th International Symposium
Bucharest, Romania
October 8-10, 2008
Second Announcement

Symposium on General Management and Best Beekeeping Practice
"Beekeeping Simple and Clear"
Bucharest - Romania
September 11-14, 2008

Traditional Holiday of Ukrainian Beekeepers
Savior of the Honey Feast Day
Visit to Kiev, August 17-19, 2007

1st Balkan Countries Beekeeping
Congress and Exhibition
29 March - 1 April 2007, Istanbul, Turkey
"Balkan Beekeeping Honeymoon"


Balkan Federation of Beekeeping Associations





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In its meetings held in Rome, in December 1965, and in Paris, 14-18 February 1966, the Executive Council of APIMONDIA decided the setting up of the APIMONDIA Publishing House and the publishing of the journal APIACTA, as magazine of beekeeping technical and economic information of the Federation.

The editorial staff was appointed and also the staff of editors, necessary for the issuance of the 5 versions of the magazine: English, French, German, Spanish and Russian. The first two issues of APIACTA were brought out in 1966. Since 1967 the journal appears quarterly. The journal is disseminated both by regular subscriptions and by special orders as a part of the exchange of documentation or for promotion of beekeeping all over the world.

The journal includes original articles, speciality articles reprinted from other magazines, brief documentary accounts on the speciality publications drawn up either by the Prague Press Exchange and Documentation Centre of the Federation, or by the editorial staff, apicultural notes, information on the beekeeping activity in the affiliated countries, on world events, and on the activity of APIMONDIA Standing Commissions, and a special section, featuring beekeeping aspects from various countries.

In 1999 at the Congress in Vancouver the Executive Council decided to give up publishing volume of Congress Proceedings and instead to publish the selected Congress papers in APIACTA in the years between two congresses. Therefore APIACTA published in 2002 the selected papers of the APIMONDIA Congress from Durban, South Africa, 2001.

From the beginning, APIACTA was delivered free of charge to the member associations, to authors, to the members of the Standing Commissions of APIMONDIA, to research institutes, libraries, UN institutions and for the exchange of magazines.

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